The following will explain how WSC will be creating a bubble to prevent the entry & spread of covid-19 in camp.

Before Camp:

🏃🏻 Getting ready to see you! 

  1. We can’t guarantee each camper’s background but we do recommend a 14 day increased practice of social distancing before you come to camp. For your own safety and the safety of others.
  2. Cabins will be emptied a day before each camp just for sterilization
  3. Sign Covid-19 terms & conditions and bring with you on first day of camp.

Opening of Camp:

🙌🏻 Welcoming you

  1. There will be no busses
  2. Parents will stay in their cars for the entire drop off & pick up process (We recommend only 1 person to be in the car with campers)
  3. Rapid tests will be done for each camper before he/she is dropped off.
  4. All staff members will wear face masks around camp families during drop off & pick up.

During Camp:

💃🏻 How we plan on having fun while staying safe

  1. Morning temperature check for all campers & staff.
  2. Sanitizers in every room and indoor areas.
  3. Number of campers in each camp has decreased.

Other FAQs:

Q: When will we refund your camp fees?

A: We will refund anyone who tests positive in the first 24 hours of camp.

Q: How will we handle a camper with high fever or any other symptom?

A: We will have a quarantine room that the camper will instantly be moved to & tested.

Q: When will we inform the parent that their kid is sick?

A: As soon as we test them and they’re positive. 

Q: Will we have PCR tests with us in camp?

A: Yes. We will have rapid tests that we will use if anybody shows any symptoms of Covid.

Q: Why did we decrease 1 camp day?

A: To sterilize all cabins, restaurant & halls before the following camp.

Q: How will be prepared medically?

A: We will have at least 1 experienced Covid-19 doctor & a team of doctors in each camp. The clinic will be more equipped to handle small injuries & reduce hospital visits and going in and out of wadi’s gates as much as possible.